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River Town Life 009 - Jamie Saam

Brea chats with Jamie Saam about what her life looks like transitioning out of the role of Executive Director of Batavia MainStreet. We find out some of Jamie's secrets to staying sane while running Bulldog Plumbing with her husband, raising a family, and staying super involved in the community. They also debunk some of the confusion around the upcoming Home Rule referendum on the ballot in Batavia and deep dive into how to have your voice heard in Batavia.

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River Town Life 001 - Pilot

I am excited to be producing a new podcast for my great friend Brea Hayes. We recorded it at her shop in downtown Batavia, FAWN Gifts. She will be discussing self care, the mindful products that she carries, and the classes and workshops she offers to help us learn how to take better care of ourselves. Keep an eye out for new shows each month.

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