Fox Valley Voice 098 - Human Trafficking in the Fox Valley

Tens of thousands of people in the Chicagoland area are victims of sex and labor trafficking each year. Even here in the Fox Valley. We talk with three advocates to learn about the resources available to these survivors and what we can do to help. (Hint: Attend the Justice ATLAST fundraiser on Thursday, June 21, 2018)

Guests: Karen Schultz, City Director, Refuge for Women-Chicago; Kevin Drendel, Board Member, Administer Justice; Kimberly Fay, Staff Attorney, ATLAST (Attorneys Targeting Labor And Sex Trafficking)

Produced by Jaime Gutierrez for the Fox Valley Voice network. Music by James Cardis. Closing song: Justice Sees by Abby Newell. Thanks to Drendel & Jansons Law Group for sponsoring this episode.

fvv098 Administer Justice ATLAST 1400x1400.png