siren sound cafe

Welcome to the Siren Sound Cafe, a podcast series dedicated toward enlightening the community on the vast array of healing modalities available for humans on our journey. My name is Quenby Schuyler and I am a chef, a mother, a stroke survivor and a seeker of healing and positivity within myself and the community. This series is rooted in my own personal journey towards health and wellness; mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. The guests on this show have all had a very real and positive impact on my own personal life as well as others in the community. I believe that we regenerate through the process of healing and have the capacity to renew ourselves as a whole. This podcast is a place where we can connect to ourselves and others to grow and be inspired to continue the wave of impact in our own personal lives.


siren sound cafe episode 2: jenny jagatjeet bergold

Episode Two of Siren Sound Cafe is a discussion on the immense benefits of Sound Healing with renowned yoga practitioner Jenny Jagatjeet Bergold. Jenny’s twenty-plus years of experience brings deep knowledge and insight into how sound has the ability to soothe the brain and the body. Grateful to have her on this second episode and stay tuned for more interviews that may inspire you to connect back with yourself and the community! Music by Ryan Carney ( Photos by Chuck Bennorth. Produced by Jaime Gutierrez for the Fox Valley Voice podcast network


siren sound cafe episode 1: stephanie krantz

On the first episode of Siren Sound Cafe we welcome Stephanie Krantz, the perinatal education coordinator at Delnor and Central Dupage Hospitals. Stephanie and I chat about Motherhood, trauma, and the postpartum support groups she facilitates. We discuss the stigma there is on new motherhood, and the difficulties associated, yet often suppressed. Stephanie educates us on her own personal experience and how to navigate through motherhood, postpartum depression, and how to find support as a new mom. Thank you for visiting and listening and we welcome any and all feedback you may have. Produced by Jaime Gutierrez for the Fox Valley Voice podcast network. Music: Thief in the Night by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License