Fox Valley Voice 099 - Paul Lencioni (Blue Goose Market)

The Blue Goose Market was established the same year Herbert Hoover was elected president and Eliot Ness first arrived in Chicago to bust bootleggers. The family-owned store has been described as the heart and soul of downtown St. Charles. Today, Blue Goose is facing the biggest threat to its existence in its 91-year history.

Paul Lencioni, the fourth-generation leader of Blue Goose, came forward last week to ask for the support of the community if the market is to survive. If you have any questions of why they need and deserve our support, please listen to my conversation with Paul. His passion and dedication to his business, employees, customers, and community is unmistakable in his voice.

Recorded 4/11/2018. Produced by Jaime Gutierrez for the Fox Valley Voice network. Music by James Cardis.

Photo by Ron McKinney/ Kane County Magazine

Photo by Ron McKinney/Kane County Magazine